It's more than selling houses.

Every once in a while, there's a transaction and closing that make us realize why we do what we do. Real estate can be hard and be challenging at times, but then, there is this one. Eva and her husband custom built their beautiful home a few years ago and intended to stay there forever. He passed away and after a while, she knew it was time to live closer to her family. 

Tim had been looking for the perfect home for almost two years so he could live close to his family, and it was the perfect fit! So our closing was filled with joy and sadness, but Eva can rest well knowing her home will be loved and cared for just like she and her husband did!  Tim will retire in a month or so and make his life here in Chattanooga. I'm so grateful for opportunities like this that remind me of how doing real estate is so much more than selling houses. 

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